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  Andrew C.

I had the first experience with Umbrian Heart buying the extra virgin olive oil “Il Sincero” of theire selection!The flavour was intense and I tried it on soups,salad and meat an it was perfect! I will buy it again!

 Josh D.

I was looking for a Birthday present for my mum and I saw on instagram a photo of the handmade and handpainted ceramic “ampolla” with olive oil and I tought that it will be a perfect gift! My mother was really happy. I think that I will buy it again for my christmas presents! It’s really original!

 Amanda F.

I usually not have too much time for my lunch,so I decided to try the “Ready to eat soup” of Umbrian Heart! I bought the box with three different soups and I think that they are amazing! The ingredients are healthy and you need just to warm it up and put olive oil on top! My favourite is the fagiolina soup “al naturale” but I want to buy all of it again!

 Mike F.

I love these lentils. When cooked they keep intact. I make several dishes with these lentils from soups to lentils stews. Very good.

 Matt L.

I tried for the first time the Cicerchie,a typical legume from Umbria. I made a soup with it and I loved it.I just follow the instruction and it was really easy to cook it. I’ll try theire legumes box to have a selection of different products!

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