The deruta ceramic cruet

The term Ampolla is an evolution of little Amphora made in the previous centuries to contain oil, vinegar water and wine.

This cruet, or oil dispenser is the result of clever work and the art of Derutesi’s artists, reflects the tradition of derutese ceramics for art and oil preservation is a unique and hand-decorated product.


Umbrian Heart is glad to introduce this high quality product that merges two of the most important elements such as oil and cruet as result of the ancient tradition of hill town Deruta.


Center of refined maiolica manufacture and ceramics, exported worldwide, Deruta is a little town belonging to the province of Perugia and one of the most beautiful village of Italy.

Where is Deruta?

Deruta is about 15 km to Perugia and is about 150km far from Rome

Tradition of deruta

Deruta's name coming from the word "ruin" as strategic site since the Lombard invasion in the 6th century. During the following centuries Deruta was a Medieval centre of important trades.
The domination of Perugia lasts until the arrival of the Pope forces and Deruta became a part of the Papal State.During the 19th Deruta was included in the Napoleon empire.

TraditionHandicraft of Deruta goes back to the 13th century with the first productions of artistic ceramics such as bowls, cups and jugs.During the Reinassence, Deruta hosted an important paiting school, inspiring for ceramic artistis with masters such as the Perugino, the Pinturicchio and Luca Signorelli. The ceramic production was about jars, amateur cups, pump dishes in which were depicted noble portraits and stems, female profiles and sacred scenes.

Art schools

Deruta maintains its artistic tradition thanks to the Oldest Ceramic Museum and to the offer of many art schools, where it is possible to know the history, learn the techniques to paint and restore the ceramics.

The Oldest Italian Ceramic MuseumInitially known with the characteristic of being an artistic-industrial Museum for 'workers of majolica' also took the purpose of memory retention of the art and culture of Deruta land.

Deruta ceramics made during several centuries, are preserved in the most important museums in Italy and around the world.
Among them, we can mention the following museums:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
The Louvre, Paris , France
The British Museum, London, UK
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Perugia, Italy
Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza, Italy
Museo Regionale della Ceramica, Deruta, Italy

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