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The Viola family

The Viola family lives in this land and has been producing oil for generations.
They belong to this extraordinary land, and they are rooted here and have a strong tie to the land: the work in the fields and the olive groves as the only means of support, the waiting, the hope and the joy of a good crop after a hard year's work.

Those are simple actions that show our respect for this fruitful land...  

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The Bittarelli Family

The farm is located on the hills of Lake Trasimeno 300 mt. s.l.m., at Poggio del Sole and covers about 30 hectares. Bittarelli family lives and works in these lands since 1940, first as farmers and later as the owners and is thus in 1970 the Farm Bittarelli.

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Since 2000, Sambuco has been developing a research and development project entitled “Stilnovo”. In collaboration with artists and designers, its goal is to create new forms and decorations, to experiment with new materials and create new furnishing solutions and applications...

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