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The Viola family lives in this land and has been producing oil for generations.
They belong to this extraordinary land, and they are rooted here and have a strong tie to the land: the work in the fields and the olive groves as the only means of support, the waiting, the hope and the joy of a good crop after a hard year's work.
Those are simple actions that show our respect for this fruitful land

MArco viola

Marco Viola, was born and live in S. Eraclio di Foligno, in Umbria and he is proud to be called farmer. Marco carries on the family tradition, using the most modern technologies.

 he love the land deeply because it is from it that he have received and still receive all that he know and possess. The greatest gift his family has passed down to him it was the passion in the cultivation of the olive trees that grow on the hills near him village and that have for centuries clung to the clefts in the rock.

He grew up in contact with nature, enjoying the colours of him land, and day after day he have learnt to love it. His choices have always been guided by a strong sense of admiration for those who have made a lot of sacrifices to grow olives and have devoted themselves fully to farming.

traditional farming techniques

Organic fertilizing and traditional farming techniques are fundamental to have a high-quality crop together with the right balance between the olive tree and the environment.

Here is the secret of our Firm: every single bottle of our olive oil has a history of its own.It is the result of a hard year's work which begins in the olive grove and ends in the oil mill.

The organoleptic features of this product are unique and cannot be reproduced artificially.


Only in this land we can make this excellent olive oil obtained from autochthonous trees grown on rocky soil.
Our typical Umbrian olive oil is appreciated all over the world and is the result of a mix of nature and knowledge.

The perseverance and great care in the olive pressing, the accurate selection of the varietals, the very short interval between the harvest and the pressing, all contribute to achieve excellent results. 

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